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You are an e-commerce merchant, and I need to ensure that my products are the lowest price on the entire network.
If I find any product that is cheaper than my selling price, the system needs to automatically send an alert.

STEP 1 :

After logging in to the data hunter software.
select the desired template in the application template and download it.
Click on "Use Now".

STEP 2 :

View the selected template in Customization and upload the form.


Click to execute the acquisition task and synchronize the data.


During data acquisition.


Assign values to fields through AI and describe them according to user needs; click on AI assignment.
【For example, if I find a product with a lower price than mine, the system needs to automatically send an alert.
The assignment content is: return normal when the price is lower than the JD price, Suning price, and Taobao price, otherwise return an alarm. When the JD price and Suning price are empty, the default value is 99999】.


Clicking on Search will display the lowest price of the item on this platform as well as the item's alert status.
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