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Frequently asked questions

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How to collect data?
Data collection can be done by selecting existing templates or creating new task templates.
How to create a collection template?
By adding a task, entering the URL and the content to be collected, and selecting the area within the web page to be collected, AI can customize the task.
Can I turn the page to collect?
Support for paging, default one page, the number of page turns can be set by the user.
Does TaxPal handle VAT?
Well no, but if you move your company offshore you can probably ignore it.
How to process the collected data?
The collected data can be viewed in the data collection task, and the data can be processed through customization or AI screening.
Can the data be exported to other platforms?
Data hunters can export the collected data to other API interfaces, or directly export it to form a table.
What are the functions of Data Hunter?
WeData hunters have AI assistant dialogue functions, application template functions, and AI assignment functions.ll no, but if you move your company offshore you can probably ignore it.
What is the application template function?
A one-stop data application that integrates data collection and data processing, which can not only collect data, but also manage data.
What is the AI assignment function?
Users can process data according to their needs, such as: I need the lowest price, then enter the text "lowest price" and let AI calculate.