Quickly build a web scraping
tool with no coding required.
Use natural language to have AI construct a web scraping solution for you, process the collected data, and ultimately display it in chart form.
What is Data Hunter?
Datahunter is a data collection and application platform created by Hesheng Jiuqi.
Used to enable non-technical people to build many different types of applications.
Data Hunter

Data Hunter is an all-in-one data processing platform designed to help non-technical people build many different types of data applications.

With Data Hunter, you can quickly collect data from the website without programming. After collecting the data, you can also filter the data without programming and display it in the form of charts.

Data Hunter Features

Free. Versatile. AI-powered. An assistant for data processing that utilizes AI for intuitive data collection, efficient governance, and dynamic display, making sophisticated data tasks accessible to everyone—Data Hunter, your smart choice for data management.

Supported on Windows 10
Data hunter templates and applications

Data hunter - Provides multiple collection templates and custom applications for users to choose from. In the custom application, users can assign values to the collected data through AI processing.

Why choose Data Hunter?
Leverage Data Hunter's AI to effortlessly construct web scraping solutions from simple text prompts, manage and process your data securely on your local machine, and visualize insights through custom data reports—all without the complexity of traditional data handling workflows.
Data Collection
Our AI-driven web scraping tool allows you to generate data collection strategies from textual descriptions, eliminating the need for workflow creation.
Data Governance
Assign and process data with AI by providing textual instructions, matching the capabilities of our competitors.
Data Display
Have AI process and create the data reports you need based on text descriptions.
Data Hunter customers showcase

Customers all over the world, in many different industries, rely on Data Hunter to solve their business problems

Ready to get started?
Learn .DATA HUNTER easily with our step-by-step tutorials.
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